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Aruna apparently wanted to share her agony with the world and guess what she did? She posted her nude pic on Facebook. The picture shows a nude Aruna Shields with her measles in full glory.Her status reads: "The sick n spotty prize goes to Miss Measles. My rash came up on Friday 13th! What a disgusting virus, feels like hell.urrrrh. I’ll try.

Aruna Shields is a British actress, filmmaker and therapist. She debuted in Bollywood with the film Prince. She is 6 feet tall in height. Career. Shields, while at a theatrical workshop, was spotted by an acting agent. According to Google zeitgeist, in the year 2010, Aruna.

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Aruna Shields. So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. Life began by blessing me with a strong, adventurous mother; so from the moment I was born, fear was not in my vocabulary.

Aruna Shields posts nude pic online The actress who’s known for her bold portrayals in Prince and Mr Singh Mrs Mehta is suffering from measles these days. Aruna apparently wanted to share her.

Censors pass Aruna Shield’s nude scene. Director Pravesh Bharadwaj is all praises for the Censor Board after his film Mr Singh Mrs Mehta, which grabbed headlines because of a nude scene featuring actress Aruna Shields, was passed without cuts. The film which revolves around the theme of infidelity, has three lovemaking scenes which too have been given the green signal by the Board.