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Sex in a house with someone you don’t live with is now against the law – Visiting someone’s home who you don’t live with and staying indoors is now illegal, which means no hanky panky!

The actress was grilled on several subjects by host Andy Cohen during the Thursday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live in a.

From a whole bunch of new stand-up specials to Kabir Khan’s war epic to more Sex Education, our picks of what’s releasing.

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As of Monday, people have been told that they must have a ‘reasonable excuse’ for being in someone’s home under current rules.

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Ever since he exploded on the big screen in 2003 with Jism, model-turned-actor John Abraham has made a name for himself as a.

With No New Movies Or Shows Being Shot, I Wonder If We Will Soon Run Out Of Content To Watch – The lockdown has offered us plenty of time to catch up on all the shows and movies we were missing out on. Unfortunately,

The charm never really wears off, because the show plays out like a hybrid of parodying the future while simultaneously.