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On OTT platforms, we’re mostly fed bloodbath and terror. Barely do we get to see any relationship that’s poetic. Either we’re.

Three army men take cudgels for transgenders, sex workers – Three army men have taken up cudgels for two of the most neglected communities – the transgenders and sex workers and.

Find here the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Social Science Civics Chapter 1 – The Indian Constitution. Download the best and.

We all are aware that women in our country are truly not yet free and independent, after being given all the rights and they.

Aunty Love Sex My fight against body shaming made me aware of how patriarchy feeds this vicious cycle – My entire childhood was me being punchline of jokes like "you’re so small, I can’t even see you". Did you go through this? 323-Rudebwoi Luv By Stonebwoy X Dj Jul 324-Oluwa Is Alive By

Older Indian-origin Males in UK’s Covid-19 High Risk Category, Finds New Report by British Govt – This work underlines that being black or from a minority ethnic background is a major risk factor. This racial disparity.

The ace producer soon got rape-threats and was heavily trolled with filthy language and foul comments. Obviously, Ekta Kapoor.

Condemning racism in the strongest terms, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in a statement said that.

Two years ago, their identities were decriminalised, but people from the queer and trans community still struggle with basic.

Words like Kallu, Chinki, and Adivasi are so casually used as an insult that neither the user nor the victim understands the.